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Hold Harmless Agreement Navy

1. I have a full knowledge of the risks associated with attending this event. I understand that there is a risk of loss or deterioration of my property. I understand that there is a risk of serious injury, permanent disability and even death. I understand that participating in an activity on board a military facility, in addition to the activities in which I (or my minor child) wishes to participate, carries certain risks and dangers. I take full responsibility for the total cost of damage to my property or any medical treatment required for the injuries I (or my minor child) may suffer. I understand that if I refuse to implement this agreement, neither I nor my minor child will be able to participate in this event. 2. Faced with these dangers in mind, I fully and voluntarily assume the risks associated with my presence aboard marine Base Base Camp Lejeune/MCAS New River and the risks associated with my participation (or minor children) in the above activity. In this regard, I understand that, on behalf of my guardians, executors, administrators, legal representatives, successors, heirs, or that I waive all rights and claims for damages, claims and any other act resulting from the loss, damage or injury of my (or minor) children on board my (or my minor children). I agree to absolve the U.S. government and all its agencies and departments of liability and keep them unscathed in order to involve the Department of Defense and the Department of the Navy (but not just to them).

I also agree to absolve the U.S. Marine Corps and all junior units and orders of their responsibility and to keep them unscathed, in order to include the command of the United States Naval Forces (but not limited to); Marine Corps Eastern Facilities; Marine Corps Base Camp Lejeune; Marine Corps Air Station New River; Marine Corps Community Services; Second Marine Expeditionary Force; Second Marine Division; Second Marine Logistics Group; And Semper Fit. Finally, I agree to release from account all commanders, officers, agents, supervisors, members of the military service, military personnel, personnel and other representatives of the United States government, or any sub-division of those personnel, and that all commanders, officers, officers, members of the military, personnel and other representatives of the United States government, or any sub-service, are not compensated, and I promise not to prosecute the aforementioned individuals or their agents, their representatives, successors or agents in their personal abilities or personnel. 5.Image Sharing Form Given participation in the Community Marine Body Recreation Program, the undersigned agrees that his or her image or image may be photographed or taken on video, and that such an image may be posted at a retail outlet used to promote or publicize the sport/leisure program.