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Ad Hoc Working Group On The Paris Agreement

The co-chairs proposed the draft conclusions on 16 May, taking into account the progress of each item on the agenda. The draft was discussed in the contact group and adopted on May 18, the last day of the meeting. In accordance with Decision 1/CP.22, bilateral consultations with each negotiating group and the first open informal consultation on the facilitation dialogue set out in Decision 1/CP.21 in 2018 were convened by the PRESIDENCy of the COP (Morocco) and the future presidency of the COP (Fiji). The parties spoke on the objective, format and timing, amount, contributions and results of the FD, so that the event could be a useful opportunity to strengthen the momentum of measures to combat climate change. Informal consultations will continue in the next session. At COP23, the President of the COP will report on the design of the FD series on the discussions that took place during the consultations. At the 22nd session of the Conference of the Parties to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (COP22), it was decided that the work programme would be finalized under the 2018 Paris Agreement. During this meeting, the parties worked until this deadline to develop the modalities, procedures and guidelines (MPG) of the Paris Agreement. There has been a shift from conceptual discussion to technical and concrete discussion, and the contracting parties have taken into account the titles and sub-titles/sub-titles/elements of the GMP based on progress on each item on the agenda.

The subsequent work until the next meeting, such as. B the roundtable before the meeting, were also decided. Work towards the adoption of GMP in 2018 continued to progress at the meeting. The parties iteratively emphasized the need to move from conceptual discussion to technical discussion, and consideration of sub-positions/sub-positions/elements of GPM was encouraged. The decision to continue work until the next session was also one of the main objectives of the meeting. On the other hand, there has been a debate on conceptual issues such as the GMP principle and the argument of differentiation between developed and developing countries. Some parties also pointed to the link between GMP. The challenge of the next meeting would be to constructively advance the technical and complex work in a limited time.